Run the Jewels brainstorm marketing strategies for new album in Portlandia sketch — watch

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Regardless of what you found under the tree, Christmas provided the ultimate gift fans of   Run the Jewels. The duo gave a surprise release to their new record, RTJ3, three weeks ahead of its scheduled due date   — and it featured an unannounced Zack de la Rocha cameo, to boot. Portlandia returns to IFC   Thursdays beginning January 5th. Watch the skit above. In the clip released on Christmas eve, the rap partners meet with a Portland-based PR firm run by Carrie Brownstein and a British Fred Armisen. El-P himself is rather fond of a plan that involves everyone literally pooping out a USB stick containing the album, but I think we can all be grateful they stuck with a simpler option. But it turns out El-P and Killer Mike considered other album drop methods before settling on the Xmas gifting, as revealed in a new sketch from   Portlandia. The marketing team offers up a variety of viral release strategies, from faking El-P’s death to faking a baby’s drowning.

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